Household Services Economic Damages

Household services are the chores and tasks performed around one's house and for one's family, and may also include the care and helping of others within the household.

When an individual becomes injured, their ability to perform household services may be diminished. In these cases, the economic damages related to household services losses are determined utilizing the market value of these services. That is, costs to replace the services the injured party previously performed.

For example, if the individual can no longer clean their home, the damages may be calculated by determining the market rate of pay a domestic worker would receive for those same services.

Household Services chores and tasks include

  • Interior cleaning, laundry, sewing, storing items, carrying groceries
  • Food and drink preparation, setting the table, serving food, kitchen and food cleanup
  • Interior arrangement, decoration, house maintenance, building and repairing furniture, exterior cleaning and repair, lawn, garden, and pool care, vehicle repair
  • Financial management, household and personal organization and planning, receiving and sending mail, home security
  • Grocery shopping, purchasing gas and items for the home, comparison shopping
  • Using professional and personal services such as interior cleaning, home maintenance, lawn and garden care, pet care, vehicle maintenance
  • Travel related to household services
  • Adult care including physical care, looking after, providing medical care
  • Child care including physical care, reading, playing, arts and crafts, sports, homework, meetings, providing medical care