Economic Damages Experts

From consulting to testimony

Why use Damage Guide

Our network of economists work with attorneys across the country to accurately calculate and present the economic damages in their cases. Our reports and analyses are utilized in both consulting and expert designation settings.

We manage a nationwide network of university-affiliated Ph.D. economists who are experts in the field of economic damages and are poised, passionate, and articulate professors.

Areas of Practice

  • Personal injury and wrongful death
  • Medical malpractice
  • Employment matters such as wrongful termination
  • Business torts and breaches of contract

Our Services

  • Economic damages analysis
  • Lost business profits analysis
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Analyze and rebut opposing expert opinions

Quality economic damage analyses.

The best arguments are those based on data. Our high-quality analyses are based on reliable, widely-accepted methodologies and data sources, and we use clear, simple language that a jury will understand. This allows you to confidently present the economic damages in your case from initial demand to expert testimony.

While consulting earlier into your case, we explore the economic damages and strategize with you so you are best prepared to draft demand letters and negotiate settlement.

As your case moves forward, our experienced, university-affiliated Ph.D. economists present your case's economic damages with expert reports and testimony.

Cost-effective economic damage analyses and reports.

Our pricing options allow you to cost-effectively present the economic damages at any stage of your case.

  • Consulting analysis - analysis for initial demand and mediation with inexpensive pricing.
  • Expert report - report for testimony produced by university-affiliated Ph.D. economist.

* Source: SEAK, Inc., Survey of Expert Witness Fees, Economics, 2014


Damage Guide['s] expert will appeal to any jury because they were: profoundly educated; well-spoken; unfailingly knowledgeable; capable of calmly and intelligently answering all questions with supporting information and references; and most notably, completely unimpeachable.

Going forward, for every case in my docket in which a damages expert is necessary, I will unfailingly retain Damage Guide. I couldn't be more impressed.

Lauren A. Harris of The Law Offices of Lauren A. Harris, Dallas, Texas

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