Personal Injury / Wrongful Death

Claims and Lawsuits

We advise plaintiff and defense attorneys across the country regarding evaluations of economic damages and provide expert witness testimony.

Our consultants and expert witnesses have provided research and testimony in hundreds of personal injury and wrongful death-related cases, such as:

  • Motor vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian wrecks
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Medical malpractice and hospital negligence
  • Product liability
  • Exposure to hazardous substances
  • Dog bite and animal attacks

We analyze the economic damages arising from personal injury claims, including:

  • Lost earnings and earnings capacity
  • Minor / young adult's projected earnings and education attainment
  • Lost business profits due to injury of a business owner
  • Health care benefit losses or changes
  • Retirement benefit plans including 401k and pension plans as well as contributions to Social Security
  • Stock options and purchase plans
  • Value of lost household services
  • Present value of life care plan and future medical cost projections
Checklist and Intake Forms

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Car Accident
Case Study - Personal Injury - Plaintiff

Issue at Dispute - Personal injury lawsuit in Minnesota state court. Due to the defendant's actions, the plaintiff was injured in an automobile collision while responding to an emergency call within the scope of their employment as a police officer. They suffered severe and permanent injuries to their body and mind, and have since been given work restrictions from their doctors which limit the amounts and kinds of work they can perform.

Our Role - We were hired by the plaintiff's attorneys to evaluate lost economic damages related to the plaintiff's earnings capacity, health insurance benefits, and pension retirement benefits, as well as lost ability to perform household services. We also analyzed the plaintiff's post-injury work, earnings, and restrictions to projected their earnings with injuries. The total losses were estimated to be multi-millions of dollars. Trial testimony was provided. A successful settlement was reached during trial soon after our testimony was provided.

Car Accident
Case Study - Wrongful Death - Defense

Issue at Dispute - Wrongful death lawsuit in Texas state court. The decedent was invovled in an automobile collision in which the driver of a work truck fell asleep at the wheel, ran a red light, and collided with their vehicle. The plaintiff's attorney hired an economic expert to evaluate the lost earnings, benefits, and household services for the decedent.

Our Role - We were hired by the defense to review the plaintiff's economic expert's report. The expert's methodology greatly overstated the potential losses of the plaintiff. The decedent did not graduate from high school, was not in the process of obtaining their GEDs or higher education, and was not employed at the time of their death. The expert's assumptions overstated the decedent's potential earnings and worklife expectancy, and did not utilize the decedent's historical earnings or the averages of similar individuals to project the decedent's expected future earnings. Moreover, the damages were overstated due to not appropriately accounting for the decedent's consumption of their earnings had they lived. Finally, while replicating the expert's analysis, mathematical errors were discovered. We assisted with questions for the opposing expert's deposition.