Fee Schedule

Description Rate
Ph.D. Economist $275 - 375 / hour
Research Assistant $175 - 195 / hour
Economic Consultant Analyses (not for use as testimony) $125 / hour

Consulting Analyses in personal injury or similar cases are generally less than $1,000.

Expert Opinions and Reports for designation in personal injury or similar cases are approximately $3,000.


The hiring law firm is responsible for payment of 50% of the total anticipated bill at the commencement of work and the remaining bill at the completion of work. Acceptable forms of payment include check and credit card. If paying by credit card, a convenience fee of 3% will be added to the total charge.

For all bills overdue by 60 days, a service charge of 1% per month will be added beginning with the date the service was rendered.

Expert Testimony

Deposition and trial testimony is billed as follows. A flat-rate for approximately a half-day of testimony and waiting to testify is billed prior to the testimony appearance. If additional hours are required, they are billed at the hourly rate.

Time spent preparing for deposition or trial is billed at the hourly rate; generally 3 hours.

If applicable, travel expenses will be billed including cab, flight, hotel, food per diem, etc. No travel expenses will be assessed for testimony appearances within the Ph.D. economist's metro area.