Our Services

We help you cost-effectively present the economic damages at any stage of your case, from initial demand to expert testimony.

Expert Opinions and Reports

Our Ph.D. economists are available as expert witnesses who provide expert opinions, economic reports for court, litigation support, and expert testimony at your request. Reports contain all court requirements for your jurisdiction including detailed tables of losses, description of assumptions and methodology, and information and documents relied upon.

Consulting Analyses

Our experienced, in-house economic consultants provide an evaluation of your client's economic losses. These analyses are not for use as testimony, and are most useful in pre-litigation and settlement negotiations to communicate the economic losses to opposing counsel, adjuster, or mediator.

Rebuttal to Opposing Expert Reports

We regularly review economic reports produced by the opposing side's expert witnesses. We examine the assumptions, methodology, and data sources utilized and may provide a rebuttal report or questions for use at deposition and trial.

Expert Witness Testimony

At your request, we are available for testimony at deposition, mediation, and trial. Our university-affiliated Ph.D. economists are experts in the field of economic damages and are poised, passionate, and articulate professors. Scheduling should be done at least two weeks prior to the reserved date.

Timeline of Cases and Our Services