Wage and Hour / FLSA

Claims and Lawsuits

We advise plaintiff and defense attorneys regarding wage and hour violation claims and provide expert witness testimony.

Our consultants and expert witnesses provide research and testimony involving wage and hour claims, such as:

  • FLSA violations
  • Employee misclassification
  • Minimum wage violations
  • Off the clock work
  • Time clock rounding
  • Missed meals

We analyze economic damages in wage and hour claims, including:

  • Evaluation of unpaid overtime and straight time
  • Calculations of regular rate
  • Statistical analyses
  • State penalty calculations
Grocery Store
Case Study - FLSA - Plaintiff

Issue at Dispute - Collective action Fair Labor Standards Act lawsuit in Federal court, Northern District of Georgia. The suit includes hundreds of plaintiffs who work as hourly employees at a regional grocery store chain. The plaintiffs allegedly performed off the clock work and were not paid overtime or straight time for their work. Plaintiffs were paid nondiscretionary bonuses and it is further alleged that overtime was incorrectly paid in the pay periods with bonuses.

Our Role - We were hired by the plaintiffs' attorneys to determine the economic damages related to the unpaid off the clock work and incorrectly calculated overtime paid. Time records were analyzed to determine the hours per week each employee worked and the frequency of overtime violations. Payroll records were analyzed and combined with the time records to determine the regular rate of pay, and the amount and value of unpaid straight time and overtime. We attended and supported our client at their mediation.