Worklife and Life Expectancy Calculator

This calculator is often used by attorneys in cases involving economic damages, such as losses to earnings and benefits potential, losses to ability to perform household services, and expected future medical expenses.

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Enter your or your client's demographic information to calculate the remaining worklife and life expectancies.


This calculator provides the average residual worklife expectancy and life expectancy based on the demographic information you select. Worklife expectancies are the remaining full years of work expected prior to retirement, based on the work experiences of people with similar demographics. Life expectancies are the remaining years of life expected based on mortality data of people with similar demographics.

An individual's worklife expectancy is the average number of years that individual is expected be in the labor force through the remainder of their life. Unlike retirement age, the worklife expectancy takes into account the amount of time an individual is expected to be out of work due to voluntary or involuntary reasons such as unemployment, sabbatical from work, unpaid work, disability, or mortality. Worklife expectancies are the sum total of the partial years of work throughout the life of similar individuals.

Worklife expectancies obtained from this calculator are based on Current Population Survey data from 1992 to 2001 and an econometric model detailed in Millimet, Nieswiadomy, and Slottje's 2010 paper Detailed Estimation of Worklife Expectancy for the Measurement of Human Capital: Accounting for Marriage and Children.

An individual's life expectancy is the average remaining number of years they are expected to live. Life expectancies obtained from this calculator are based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's U.S. Life Tables as of August 8, 2022. These life tables are generated from data sources on population, the population's demographics, and the ages of death of those individuals.