What Sets Us Apart

Quality damage reports

With caps to non-economic damages, determining the economic damages early into a case is more important than ever. We accurately calculate and present your client's losses.

Quality reports – Our economic damage reports contain a summary table, full description of the methodology, and tables and graphs detailing the damages year-by-year.

Reliable methodology – Our analyses are based on reliable and widely-accepted methodologies and data sources.

Clear communication - We use simple to understand language in our reports, and discuss complex economic damage issues with you to best prepare you for all stages of your case.

List of sources and data used - Our reports list all relevant sources and data utilized in the analysis - all of which are commonly utilized by forensic economists.

Unique price point

Our analyses are significantly less than the average testifying expert.

Price point – Our high-quality economic damage analyses are a fraction of the average cost of a testifying expert. This competitive pricing allows you to assess the economic damages early into your case.

Guarantee - All of our reports come with our highest quality guarantee. We work to ensure you are completely satisfied with our analyses and reports.

Expert guidance, expert support

We are your team of economic consultants, and our goal is to help you get the most out of your casework. Confidently negotiate your case's economic damages with our analyses and team's support.

Damage experts – We are experts in calculating and assessing economic damages. Our founder has over 18 years of experience in forensic economic litigation support and our network of university-affiliated Ph.D. economists have decades of experience testifying.

Current methodology - At Damage Guide, our economic consultants stay up-to-date with the latest research, data, and sources available.

Consultants – We not only produce your damage reports, but we discuss with you potential damages strategies of an opposing economic expert so you are best prepared for settlement.

Testifying Experts – Our experienced university-affiliated Ph.D. economists objectively analyze your case's economic damages.

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We also have writings and calculators available to help you learn more about your client's economic damages.