I just want to commend Damage Guide again. I was employed as insurance defence counsel for five years before hanging my own shingle and switching to Plaintiff's work. From my time as counsel employed by the insurance carriers on behalf of their insured, I know that after the deposition of my Damage Guide expert, opposing counsel will be required to draft a deposition report for the insurance carrier's litigation adjuster; this report will contain a statement of how the Damage Guide expert presented. I can tell you with all certainty that this report will HAVE to say how the Damage Guide expert will appeal to any jury because the expert was: profoundly educated; well-spoken; unfailingly knowledgeable; capable of calmly and intelligently answering all questions with supporting information and references; and most notably, completely unimpeachable.

Going forward, for every case in my docket in which a damages expert is necessary, I will unfailingly retain Damage Guide. I couldn't be more impressed.

Lauren A. Harris of The Law Offices of Lauren A. Harris, Dallas, Texas

Scott with Damage Guide is what you are looking for when it comes to expert services, as he finds the right expert for your type of issue, and is timely and on top of the case through the end of the file. I recommend Scott and his company for any attorney who is looking for an expert to review their economic damages.

Nathan, North Dakota

I have used Damage Guide's reports in a number of my cases now. They have positively impacted the settlements in my cases by helping to articulate my clients' losses to adjusters, opposing counsel, and at deposition - which has resulted in more favorable outcomes. I recommend them to any personal injury and employment attorneys where there are any significant earnings losses or more complicated benefits analyses.

James R., Jacksonville, Florida

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